Tom McClain – ITA Group

Est. reading time: 4 mins

Tom McClain had an epiphany early in his career. A programmer at the time, he was developing on a mainframe computer and coding in COBOL, which was popular in the 1980s. After a couple years, he realized something was missing. “You know, I really enjoyed technology, but I enjoyed the people side as well,” he […]

Timothy Moriarity – Cross Insurance Agency

Est. reading time: 4 mins

While the importance of human connection is undeniable in the insurance industry, some things are better done digitally. For example, Timothy Moriarity doesn’t think customers should have to call their broker to pay their monthly bills or confirm that they want to renew their policies. As the chief information officer at Cross Insurance Agency, he’s […]

Tom Tan – Lexington Medical Center

Est. reading time: 4 mins

Time was that employees at Lexington Medical Center had to navigate an inventory forest while trying to keep the health care network supplied. With 73,000 clinical and nonclinical items in the database, it could be impossible to tell what they really needed, how it was priced and who supplied it. Director of IT Services Tom […]

Thurston Smith – Swope Health Services

Est. reading time: 4 mins

While the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people’s physical health, it’s also taken a toll in other ways. “People with a history of mental illness were among the first people we reached out to because we can’t let them fall through the cracks,” says Thurston Smith, the CIO with Swope Health Services. “Just because COVID is […]

Terrence “Terry” Theobald – County of Ventura

Est. reading time: 4 mins

After an IT career spanning more than 40 years, Terrence “Terry”  Theobald could easily say “been there, done that,” about his work. But as CIO for the County of Ventura in Southern California, it’s more a case of deja vu. And to think he could have been a dentist. He was studying for a pre-med […]

Taran Lent – Transact

Est. reading time: 4 mins

Remember those days in the dorm when you fretted about how many meals were left on your meal card for the week? How about keeping spare change for the washer and dryer in the basement or fumbling for your key while trying to get inside the dorm on a winter night? Once, that was part […]

Tom Rodden – Varian Medical Systems

Est. reading time: 4 mins

As CIO at Varian Medical Systems over the last four years, Tom Rodden claims he’s had a different focus from his tech peers. While productivity, efficiency and cost savings are important at Varian, like everywhere else, he and his team have concentrated on enabling growth. Promoted to senior vice president and CIO in October 2017, […]

Tod Huber – Milwaukee County

Est. reading time: 4 mins

While it’s often said government needs to be run like a business, Tod Huber knows it’s also not always that simple. As chief technology officer for Milwaukee County in Wisconsin, Huber works with four or five times as many business units as he might in the corporate world. Not only that, those units must answer […]

Tim Harris – ATI

Est. reading time: 4 mins

If you’ve flown on an airplane or had an MRI at a hospital, chances are your life’s been touched by the work of Allegheny Technologies Inc. Since ATI was formed by the merger of Teledyne and Allegheny Ludlum in 1996, the maker of specialty metals has outfitted customers in industries from aerospace and defense to […]

Terry Metz – Hamline University

Est. reading time: 4 mins

Terry Metz calls himself an accidental CIO. In 2018, after four years of serving as librarian at Hamline University, he stepped in as the interim CIO during a vacancy and chaired a committee to recruit a new CIO. When the role became vacant again last July, Metz was asked to fill it a second time. […]


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