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Nick Pitre – South Louisiana Community College

Nick Pitre knows what it’s like to juggle an info-tech livelihood with the pursuit of higher education. To begin with, an IT boss can be like a first responder, being summoned to the scene of a web malfunction that respects no hour of the day. Then, almost being forgotten about until the onset of the […]

Drew Lane – Shawnee Mission School District

In “Inception”, the 2010 sci-fi thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio, the protagonist is forced to navigate a series of dreams, each more involved than the last. While that might seem like a strange analogy for an IT initiative, Drew Lane insists his school district shares something in common with the special effects blockbuster. “What we’re doing […]

Jagan Gudur – Regis University

When you think of a typical college classroom, a very particular image comes to mind: the professor standing at the front, with rows of students sitting attentively. For all the ways in which technology has transformed learning, this dynamic remains the default setting at most universities. As chief information officer of Denver’s Regis University, Jagan […]

Raj Murthy – Pima Community College

Now, more than ever, it’s the consumers who are in control, reviewing everything from restaurants to movies to mortgages, through services like Yelp and Google Reviews. Ask Pima Community College (PCC) CIO Raj Murthy, and he’ll tell you education ought to be no different. “Students should never be stuck with a course they don’t understand […]

Don Welch – Penn State University

Over a 25-year career in the Army, Colonel Don Welch confronted his share of challenges. Only, back then, the enemy was much better defined. Now, as the chief information security officer for Penn State University, a position that spearheads cybersecurity for 80 IT departments, Welch is confronting a threat of a different kind in the […]

Jacques Laflamme – New England Institute of Technology

Standing four stories high and with countless light-inviting windows studding the requisite brick, New England Institute of Technology’s (NEIT) recently completed residence hall isn’t merely the biggest or best student dorm in the school’s history; it’s the first and only. But it’s inside the 123,000-square-foot building where the university—founded in 1940 in East Greenwich, Rhode […]

Tom Pagano – Johnson County Community College

You’d have to strap on a Fitbit to know exactly the number of steps it takes to traverse the grassy green campus of Johnson County Community College (JCCC). But what about knowing the steps for getting a degree at the Kansas institution, where your studies are measured, traditionally, in course credits? For that, you might […]

Larry Stoffel – Franklin College

Franklin, Indiana, prides itself on being a small but well-rounded city. With a population of roughly 25,000, it hosts operations for several international companies, including Toyota and Mitsubishi; it has abundant recreational space and several historic and cultural institutions; its college and high school sports teams have racked up the championships; and it is just […]

Jack Byrd – Fort Wayne Community Schools

Forty years ago, if you needed Jack Byrd to repair something—a flickering overhead projector, a crackly PA system—you’d call his office in the technology department of Fort Wayne Community Schools (FWCS). Rest assured, he’d be there to fix it, before moving on to the next school, the next minor malfunction. It was rewarding work, as […]

Rolland Kornblau – El Rancho Unified School District

Most adults were educated from grade school through college in traditional classrooms, which almost always included rows of desks and a large blackboard stretching across one wall. Although this is the way lessons and lectures have been given for two centuries, give or take, many recent studies suggest it is the wrong approach. According to […]


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