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Mitzi Cardenas – Truman Medical Centers

IT departments have sometimes been seen as a sort of black hole: Requests go in and replies come back out, but not always a whole lot else. Especially in this fast-paced technological world—and especially in the rapidly-evolving healthcare industry—Mitzi Cardenas has set out to disrupt that role. As chief information officer and senior vice president […]

Duleep Wikramanayake – Solis Mammography

Given that few things are as stressful as breast cancer screening, the term, Peace of Mind Mammogram, may sound like an oxymoron. But it’s more than just a tagline for Solis Mammography, the nation’s largest screener of such cancer. It’s also a goal that, however hard to achieve, the company vigorously pursues with the indispensable […]

Sal Guido – NYC Health + Hospitals

In the world of health care, “consolidation” tends to be shed in an unflattering light, bringing to mind the closing of facilities, the loss of jobs and the disappearance of a personal touch as intuitions grow ever larger. For the IT team at NYC Health + Hospitals (H+H), however, consolidation hasn’t just been a positive […]

Aaron Kramer – Adirondack Health

For many folks struggling with weight issues, bariatric surgery may be a prudent option, one that peer-reviewed long-term studies have shown can reduce by nearly half the life-shortening risks of obesity. But that’s not to say weight-loss surgery is a routine procedure; it does entail potential complications, even when performed at Adirondack Health, a hospital […]

Michael McEldowney – Salina Regional Health Center

Ten years ago, the two most important tools in recording a patient’s vital signs were a pencil and a piece of paper. Once logged, the resulting numbers were manually typed by the patient’s nurse into a computer, often located in another room. Only then, after the computer had generated a composite score, were doctors able […]

Jim Boyer – Rush Memorial Hospital

Back in 2002, the year Jim Boyer became the newly minted chief information officer for Rush Memorial Hospital (RMH), you almost had to go out of your way to contract a computer virus—i.e. visit an extreme website or open an infected floppy disk (remember those?). Even then, the resulting damage was typically mitigatable, and seldom, […]

Nick Szymanski – Richmond University Medical Center

Back in 1984, finding someone with Nick Szymanski’s title—chief information officer—was about as common as owning a laptop. The fact that Szymanski wasn’t even born yet, underscores how enormously the IT world has changed. To be sure, it’s a transformation the 32-year-old CIO of Richmond University Medical Center (RUMC) knows he must embrace. But it’s […]

Joey Johnson – Premise Health

Joey Johnson knew he might never again fetch a job offer like this: High-profile, superb benefits, a challenging but rewarding workload. Family and friends implored him to take it, said he’d be a fool to let an opportunity like this pass him by. And yet, something about it didn’t feel right. Johnson and his wife […]

Ahmad Sharif, MD – Fresenius Medical Care

During his days as a surgeon, Dr. Ahmad Sharif’s family couldn’t have been prouder. He’s performing miracles, they thought. Changing lives forever. So when Sharif decided to switch gears and enter health care IT, their reaction was strong. Why, they wondered, would he stop doing something that helped so many? Today, those loved ones may […]

Mark Moch – Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute

You could say Mark Moch was underemployed for a spell after leaving his native Poland for Florida with his green-card lottery winning wife around 2001. Not that he was lacking for education; Moch had degrees in literature and fine arts from the University of Wroclaw, but such credentials from a foreign school weren’t enough on […]


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