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Tom Merkle – Houston Eye Associates

As an aerospace engineer and propulsion system designer at NASA, Tom Merkle was living a life many could only dream of—immersed in high-profile, adrenaline-coursing projects that helped bring “the final frontier” a little closer to home. During his eight-year tenure, he worked on propulsion requirement and mass properties configuration design for almost 20 Space Shuttle […]

Rick Copple – Community Health Network

When Rick Copple talks to doctors about how to use an online patient portal or why a new video conferencing tool is important, he can see their eyes glaze over. His jargon goes over their heads and his words get lost in translation. They simply want to take care of their patients; they don’t have […]

Bernard W. Piccione – InterDent Service Corp.

The view from a dental chair has long remained the same. A yellow-tinted lamp above beams into the recesses of your mouth. A tray of drills, gadgets and sharp-pointed scrapers sits to one side, ready for the hygienist. Now, though, there’s also interactive viewing for the patients. A screen at the foot of the chair […]

Dr. Joseph Ng – Mather Hospital

It was a hectic day at Mather Hospital in December when Toggle caught up with Dr. Joseph Ng, as he rushed in and out of the emergency room to address the post-Thanksgiving Day surge of COVID-19 patients. As a critical care intensivist, NG cares for critically ill patients. His second duty is serving in the […]

Thomas Polk – Midwest Eye Consultants, P.C.

When providing critical healthcare, the last thing a doctor should have to worry about is slow or wonky technology. This belief is what guides Thomas Polk, the CIO of Midwest Eye Consultants, P.C., as he implements tools to help both patients and doctors. As the eye care company’s first person to hold this title, he […]

Ramesh Lakshminarayan – Cloudmed

Spend 30 years working in professional baseball and you’ll see how the sport, its athletes and team executives have evolved through training methods, nutrition and the use of technology and advanced analytics. In fact, in the minds of many, information technology and availability of data has transformed the game.   A longtime fan of the game, Ramesh Lakshminarayan has seen how information has changed baseball, and he’s seen […]

Ted Bayack – Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

On hold for the past year, some capital projects will resume in due time at this community hospital’s infotech department. Backup systems will be upgraded and servers replaced. Security monitoring always a concern at healthcare facilities, it too will be reassessed. But like an emergency department practicing triage, the IT staff at Hugh Chatham Memorial […]

Chris Myers – Doylestown Hospital

It’s not far off the mark to say Chris Myers endured everything but a swarm of locusts in 2020. A pandemic, tornado and multiple cyberthreats top the list of calamities the chief technology officer at Doylestown Hospital confronted, and just for good measure, the pandemic surged twice and remained very much a public health threat […]

Tarunjeet “T.J.” Mann – Children’s Mercy Kansas City

Anybody still doubt the need for a hospital’s defenses against data theft? Then access the dark web via an anonymizing browser and see what’s for sale. Among the items most in demand: electronic medical records of babies and small children, some of whom have died. As a bonus to the buyer, chances are at least […]

Dr. Adrian M. Mayers – Premera Blue Cross

Every company in the U.S. that holds large amounts of sensitive data should not only ensure that their security programs are as robust as possible—they have a primary duty to do so. This, says Dr. Adrian M. Mayers, is not only to protect clients, partners and internal users, but to contribute to national security. As […]


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