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Simita Mishra – Northwell Health

Simita Mishra has a vision for what she says is the not-so-distant future of health care. It’s one in which patients will have the tools to monitor and manage their health and well-being—all while keeping their physicians informed and in the loop. Providers, in turn, will be able to access resources to not only keep […]

Aman Bhasin – Alameda Alliance for Health

There’s a lot of talk about the importance of medical care and closing the coverage gap—but what if your main concern is having a roof over your head or enough food to feed your family? Among myriad challenges to the country’s healthcare, is ensuring that providers and insurers have access to secure, protected and up-to-date […]

Ravi Koganti – Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Here in the hospital, life can be measured in seconds. A grandfather in cardiac arrest rushed through the emergency room doors. A brain surgery patient in need of critical ICU care. A premature newborn whose heart rate is falling. Even here at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center (EHMC)—ranked No. 1 in New Jersey in coronary […]

Mano Kalathil – CareSync

Every so often, when the day’s demands find him needing a quick morale boost, Mano Kalathil will hop on his company’s Slack channel and toggle over to #kudos, a sub-channel dedicated exclusively to patient stories. There was the woman who was having trouble getting medication after her local pharmacy ran out. A few calls later, […]

Michael Hunt – St. Vincent’s Health Partners Inc.

For many patients, clinical care is daunting. Check in. Fill out paperwork. Wait two hours. Meet with a physician. Hope against hope it’s the last time you’ll have to do any of it. (By the way, you’ll have to come back next week.) This is especially true for those with chronic illnesses like diabetes, where […]

Rick Mohnk and Robin Yarnall – Bayhealth

A year from now, the hospital’s staff will probably still be getting used to things: the commute, the different workspaces and workflows. Some adjustments will be easy, like lunching on the new cafeteria’s breezy outdoor patio. Other changes will prove a bit more arduous. But when Delaware health care provider Bayhealth opens its new, $300 […]

Kristin Lowland Lanzi – Achaogen

Plenty of pharmaceuticals are put to market with the promise of improving people’s lives. Rarer still, are the medicines good enough to actually save lives. With plazomicin, the San Francisco-based Achaogen is chasing the latter. A next-generation antibacterial, designed to treat a host of serious drug-resistant infections (a huge issue in hospitals), the drug proved […]

Robert Buckingham – Presbyterian SeniorCare Network

So much for the perception that instant communication is primarily a young person’s concern. Sure, the teens and millennials may be inseparable from their latest devices, but they’re not the only ones insisting on being wired for the moment. Just ask Robert Buckingham, the senior director of information systems at Presbyterian SeniorCare Network, whose responsibilities […]

Mitzi Cardenas – Truman Medical Centers

IT departments have sometimes been seen as a sort of black hole: Requests go in and replies come back out—but not always a whole lot else. Especially in this fast-paced technological world—and especially in the rapidly-evolving health care industry—Mitzi Cardenas has set out to disrupt that role. As senior vice president, chief strategy and chief […]

Duleep Wikramanayake – Solis Mammography

Given that few things are as stressful as breast cancer screening, the term, Peace of Mind Mammogram, may sound like an oxymoron. But it’s more than just a tagline for Solis Mammography, the nation’s largest screener of such cancer. It’s also a goal that, however hard to achieve, the company vigorously pursues with the indispensable […]


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