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Karen Warren – Wesleyan University

Guiding IT at a small institution that delivers big results is not what Karen Warren expected as an undergraduate English major. Now it’s a point of pride for Warren as deputy CIO at Wesleyan University. In helping meet the needs of faculty, students and administration, Warren emphasizes resourcefulness and practicality—this in keeping with the history […]

Brice Bible – The University at Buffalo

There’s a lot happening by the shores of Lake Erie in western New York, and Brice Bible loves being in the thick of it. For nearly a decade, the city of Buffalo has been enjoying an economic resurgence, Bible says, changing from a Rust Belt manufacturing center to a high-tech hub as both state and […]

Mark Laurrie – Niagara Falls City School District

For students in the high-poverty Niagara Falls City School District, computer-based learning starts in pre-kindergarten. This head start helps give students the same opportunities as their counterparts in more affluent districts, who likely have computers and internet at home, says Mark Laurrie, Niagara Falls superintendent. That approach worked just fine until the COVID-19 pandemic sent […]

Dr. Joseph Ng – Mather Hospital

It was a hectic day at Mather Hospital in December when Toggle caught up with Dr. Joseph Ng, as he rushed in and out of the emergency room to address the post-Thanksgiving Day surge of COVID-19 patients. As a critical care intensivist, NG cares for critically ill patients. His second duty is serving in the […]

Danielle Maurici-Arnone – RB

Previously known as Reckitt Benckiser, RB products are quite visible at any supermarket or pharmacy. In the post-COVID-19 world, being seen on a shelf is not nearly enough. Digital Commerce 360 reports consumers spent $861.12 billion online with U.S. merchants in 2020. That’s a 44 percent increase from 2019 and means more than 20 percent […]


The future is already here. It’s just not very evenly distributed. So wrote William Gibson in 1993. A sci-fi writer of some renown, he is even credited with coining the term “cyberspace,” which, of course, is sci-fact. Anyway … Joseph Hemway, CIO and vice president of infotech at the Pratt Institute, is one to quote […]

Neil Hampshire – Parallel

The U.S. continues to expand access to cannabis in many states and in November 2020, five more states voted by overwhelming majorities to legalize cannabis. Despite this, in more than two dozen states, a person can be arrested and thrown in jail for possessing or trying to sell marijuana. In the other 15 states where […]

Ryan Hummel – Planet

So evolves the economic model of payments provider Planet. What had been business to business is now business to business to consumer, and there’s literally a world of possibilities for continued growth thanks to diversified revenue streams for both domestic and international transactions. Especially as cabin fever sufferers everywhere again take to traveling when COVID-19 […]

Sarah Foss – Entercom

Most people have come to expect that companies will recommend similar products to them after buying—or even looking at—something online. Phrases such as “others who bought this also liked…” have become commonplace. Sarah Foss, however, doesn’t give people what other consumers want. She knows the value of tailoring suggestions specifically to individuals to give them […]

Aaron Leiberman – ConRes IT Solutions

The call came while Aaron Leiberman was attending an industry conference in Las Vegas for partners and customers. A ConRes client had been hit with a ransomware attack, and he and his team of solution architects and engineers were urgently needed on-site to guide incident response and recovery efforts. Leaving the conference immediately, Leiberman, the […]


Alliant is very pleased with our experience working with the TrueLine Publishing team. We were not only impressed with the caliber of the whitepaper that was produced, but with the level of attention from the team we partnered with. They were very detailed oriented and I appreciated their follow up. They even offered to refresh the article and invited Alliant to participate in some of the design features. It is without reservation that I highly recommend other businesses partnering with this publication and I look forward to an opportunity to work with them again in the future.
— Katie Patterson, Director of Marketing, Alliant Technologies


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